My name is Christian Charukiewicz. I am a technology leader, teacher, and software engineer. I am the Chief Technology Officer at Roompact, a software-as-a-service company that creates a software product for university housing departments across the United States. At work, I both mentor and learn from my teammates, lead the design and development of our software product, and bridge the gap between the business and technology needs of the organization. My software design philosophy centers around creating value for end users. I am deeply interested in understanding the day-to-day problems people encounter, and how I can lead my team to create software that solves these problems.

Hand-drawn Haskell programming language logo signed by Christian Charukiewicz

I am an advocate of using functional programming for building real-world software systems. Professionally, I use the Haskell and Elm programming languages, as well as Nix for infrastructure management. I have extensive first-hand experience using functional programming to build commercial software, as well as experience teaching programmers that have never used functional programming languages.

I studied Mathematics and Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I believe it is important for people to be well-rounded in their skills and knowledge. I believe that reading is important, and that everyone should read at least a few books each year. Beyond technology, I am a culinary enthusiast and hobbyist photographer. I enjoy cooking, taking photos, writing, and sketching.