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Work Experience

Partner & Principal Software Engineer Oct 2020 - Present
Foxhound Systems

Foxhound Systems creates software systems that inspire confidence and enable organizations to do their best work. We use a wide array of programming languages coupled with a variety of techniques such as SQL query optimization and database tuning to achieve superior reliability, performance, and design.

We recognize every project is different and are committed to using the right tools for each job. When performance, reliability, and maintainability are paramount, one of our specialties is using the Haskell programming language with the PostgreSQL database as we find this combination consistently drives excellent results, allowing us to achieve the excellent outcomes faster and with more consistency than by using any other approach.

  • Co-founding partner; acquired clients, set growth strategy, and managed staff to provide software engineering and technical services to client companies with engagements spanning from 3 months to 2+ years
  • Successfully managed a team of software engineers, both in-house and embedded in client teams, by assigning tasks, conducting thorough reviews of work output, and providing constructive feedback and mentorship for career growth
  • Collaborated closely with product managers and executives at client companies to identify and solve problems, and gather and refine requirements for optimal results
  • Led the design, build, and delivery of full stack web applications and back end systems for clients in a variety of industries including ecommerce, video streaming, financial services, and developer tools
  • Utilized a broad range of cutting-edge tools and technologies, including Haskell, Node.js, React, TypeScript, Python, PHP (Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Tailwind, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, to create fast and reliable software
  • Deployed and maintained client software systems on a variety of platforms, including AWS and Heroku using numerous infrastructure tools, such as Docker, Nix, GitHub Actions, BitBucket Pipelines, Sentry

Chief Technology Officer May 2014 - Oct 2020

  • Promoted to engineering team lead within a of year getting hired as second software engineer; expanded technology and product driving B2B SaaS revenue growth from $150K to $1MM ARR
  • Successfully grew engineering team from 0 to 5 people; led hiring process for technical employees and interns; developed and led training of new technical staff
  • Set long term road map for product development; continually raised standards for application design, architecture, documentation, performance, security
  • Planned and executed the transition of company server infrastructure to Amazon Web Services; automated server deployments; reduced technical infrastructure costs by 70%
  • Utilized and taught team members on the use of a variety of programming languages, infrastructure tools, and frameworks such as Haskell, Elm, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, Nix, AWS, etc.

Product Development Lead Oct 2011 - Nov 2013
Next Generation Gaming

  • Product management & development position; led and coordinated a team of software developers, QA testers, and customer relations staff to create features and digital products leading to increased player engagement and revenue in an online-RPG environment with over 20,000 players per month
  • Designed and led the implementation of an in-game credit system which automated all product sales, removed sales overhead costs, and allowed for the creation of several new categories of products; increased average monthly revenue of the company by 35%
  • Planned and assigned projects, held development meetings, wrote technical specifications, analyzed player data and trends, determined project costs and time requirements
  • Performed analysis of product sales, used results to develop marketing and sales strategies, instructed customer relations staff on how to execute sales strategies
  • Surveyed players to gauge response to game updates and gather general feedback
  • Worked with PHP and MySQL

EMT-Basic (Volunteer Position) Aug 2012 - Dec 2014
Illini Emergency Medical Services

  • Staffed various types of events as on-site EMT
  • Led teams of other EMS providers (typical team size was 2-4 EMS personnel)
  • Provided pre-hospital basic life support to patients
  • Performed equipment checks and recorded equipment inventory
  • Coordinated with other agencies (Police, Fire, EMS) during large events (marathons, football games, etc.) to ensure coverage

Open Source Software

isbn (Author) - Haskell library for validating and working with ISBNs

Yesod (Contributor) - The most popular Haskell web framework (top 0.1% of all Haskell packages)

Esqueleto (Contributor) - One of the most popular Haskell libraries for interacting with SQL databases (top 0.1% of all Haskell packages)

Technical Skills


Universitiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2010 - 2014
B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Science, Philosophy

College of DuPage 2012
EMT-Basic Certification


QuickPhrase - GitHub

A browser-based game designed to be played on a phone written in the Elm programming language. (this website) - GitHub

An ongoing project. A blog website (currently built using Hakyll). A test bed for various design ideas and other web related experimentation.

Project Euler Problems - GitHub

A progression through a series of increasingly difficult math problems, solved programmatically, using various techniques and programming languages like Haskell and Python.

Beer Manager - GitHub

A simple RESTful API built with Flask (a Python microframework) designed to serve as the back end for a beer rating website or application.

Spoken Languages

English, Polish